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Since the commencement of my career as a photojournalist in 2010, my camera has been a passport to diverse stories spanning continents. As both a staff and freelance photojournalist, I’ve had the privilege of documenting narratives that transcend borders and illuminate the human experience. 

My journey has taken me across the United States, East Africa, parts of Europe, and Central America. Each destination has unfolded a unique tapestry of cultures, struggles, and triumphs, providing me with a broad perspective that enriches my storytelling approach. 

With years of experience covering national news and politics, I’ve delved into the heart of crucial moments that define our times. From the halls of power to the grassroots movements, my aim has always been to capture the nuances and complexities inherent in these stories.

A significant portion of my career has been dedicated to the extensive covering the U.S. – Mexico border and immigration issues. This complex and multifaceted topic requires not just a keen eye but also deep empathy to convey the human stories behind the headlines.

I am proud to continue contributing to esteemed publications such as The New York Times, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, and The Washington Post. These collaborations have allowed me to bring compelling visual narratives to a global audience, emphasizing the power of images to convey truths that words alone cannot capture. 

From the frontlines of breaking news to the intimate moments of daily life, my portfolio reflects the breadth of human experiences. I stive to bring authenticity, sensitivity, and a strong narrative voice to each story, whether it’s a pivotal political event or a poignant feature piece. 

 If you have a story to tell or a project that demands a seasoned photojournalist’s perspective, feel free to reach out.


I’m passionate about using my skills to shed light on important issues and amplify voices that deserve to be heard. 


Let’s continue the journey of storytelling together, capturing the essence of our shared human experience one photograph at a time. 

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