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Tailored photography services for every project is unique. Pricing is available upon request, and I offer flexible hourly, half-day and full-day rates to accommodate your specific needs and vision. 

If you’re seeking captivating visuals to accompany your article for print or online publications, we’re ready to collaborate! With a professional background as a photojournalist, my excitement to contribute to your storytelling journey knows no bounds. My aim is to help you achieve the most compelling visuals that resonate with the heart of your narrative. 

Drawing from our experience as a photojournalist, I bring a unique perspective to your project. Whether it’s capturing the essence of an event, documenting a story, or providing editorial-style images, my dedication to visual storytelling is unmatched. 

 Whether you prefer me to tag along or lead the charge, I’m adaptable. I can seamlessly take direction or provide creative input, ensuring that the collaborations is harmonious and productive. My readiness for an adventure, paired with top-notch equipment, positions me to document nearly everything. 

Let’s not just take pictures’ let’s create visual stories that resonate and make an impact. Let’s explore creative avenues, pushing boundaries, and delivering imagery that goes beyond expectations. Together, let’s craft visuals that leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

For detailed information on pricing and to discuss your project requirements, feel free to reach out. I’m committed to providing transparent, client-centric services that align with your goals. 

Reach out today to discuss pricing and details for your shoot!

Let’s be creative and make an impact together! 

Artistic Lifestyle Photography in McCall, Idaho: Samantha Sais Vision
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