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Let’s capture the beauty of pregnancy and new beginnings! 

Congratulations on the exciting new addition to your family! This is a time of unparalleled joy and anticipation, I’m here to help you capture and celebrate every precious moment.

Why choose me?

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey, and every moment should be celebrated. Whether it’s the glow of excitement of the quiet moments of reflection, I’m here to capture the beauty of this transformative experience. Let’s document the incredible journey your body is undertaking to bring forth that adorable tiny human. 

Once your adorable tiny human arrives. Let’s document those early, fleeting moments in their natural habitat. From the first gaze into their eyes to the tiny fingers and toes, I want to capture the essence of these precious moments. 

What I can offer?

I believe that the most authentic moments unfold in the comfort of your home, where your baby is most at ease. My approach is to capture the genuine interactions and emotions that arise in the familiar environment, creating a timeless and heartfelt narrative of the early days of your baby’s life. 

Every family is unique, and so is every story. I work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, ensuring that the photographs reflect your individual style and the love that surrounds your growing family. 

These moments are fleeting, and my goal is to help you preserve the magic of this extraordinary time.

Let's capture this moment in time with your new family.

Congratulations again on this wonderful journey!

McCall Idaho Maternity Photography: Samantha Sais
McCall Idaho Maternity Photography: Samantha Sais

Pricing & Details

If you’re ready to capture the beauty of pregnancy and the earliest moments with your adorable tiny human, reach out today. 

Maternity or Newborn Photo sessions begin at $250.00 each

Book both sessions for $450.00

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